Syncthing Cloudron Package

Hi all,

we at Cloudron have packaged Syncthing with the webui since a long time. Since it becomes more popular amongst our users, I wanted to reach out here.

The package code itself is located at cloudron / syncthing-app · GitLab and we usually update the package within a day or two after the upstream project makes a release.

And the app can be installed from the app library directly with a few clicks if you already have a Cloudron installation and the platform will automatically keep it up-to-date.

Is there any better place to have installation instructions for users to get started?

Thanks a lot for the awesome project :slight_smile:

Best, Johannes

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Neat. We have a long and rather unordered list of packagings at Community Contributions — Syncthing v1 documentation, and I see you’re represented there.

No opinion on your packaging which I assume is perfectly fine, however I note that the package is currently at version 1.7.2 which packages Syncthing 1.4.2? This would confuse me as a user and potentially us when they come here for support. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback on the version, this comes up every now and then. We will see how we can make users focus on the upstream version more rather than the “technical” detail of package version.