syncthing client for windows not starting automatically

hi folks,

i’ve been happily using syncthing on windows via the synctrayzor client and on android and iPhone via other apps.

i have to nuke/pave one of my windows machines, and see that there is now an official windows client and it seems that might be favored over synctrayzor.

i installed the syncthing windows client and configured it and got it to sync my folder and files …

BUT … it doesn’t seem to start up automatically. and it doesn’t seem to run in the background.

could someone help me solve those 2 problems?


Which Syncthing package are you using? (the URL would be very helpful)

it doesn’t seem to start up automatically. and it doesn’t seem to run in the background.

As the previous poster hinted, there’s insufficient information in your question to provide an informed answer. (Remember, we can’t see your screen.)

In any case: If you installed using Syncthing Windows Setup, there is a section in the documentation titled Checking if Syncthing is Running.

Hi - sorry for lack of full info to help you help me! :slight_smile: I went to the syncthing website > downloads > windows and grabbed this client: Intel/AMD (64‑bit) Here is the link

If I manually launch it, I get a DOS terminal type of window that launches, and I can also see the expected GUI windows for adding devices and folders.

I’ll try to review the “checking if syncthing is running” doc. Also, I now see in the readme.txt a note about “look at the getting started guide for a few examples of keeping syncthing running in the background”. Naturally, I expected that keeping the thing running in the background and automatic startup on windows start would just be included by default. Silly me! :sunglasses:

Okay, I check the Getting Started Guide, which doesn’t mention diddly squat about automatic starting, unless my reading comprehension is terrible (which is a confirmed fact, but I stand by my diddly squat assessment) (hopefully this will be taken with a sense of humor)

Then I looked at the docs Starting Syncthing Automatically — Syncthing documentation And sure enough, the issue is directly mentioned. I’ll attempt to follow that info to solve my problem.

Thanks folks!

If you use Syncthing Windows Setup, all the details are handled for you; it’s pretty close to completely hands-free once you pick the options you want.

“With great power comes great responsibility…” :grin:

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