syncthing CLI only

I’m trying to use Syncthing on CLI only. I’m using mac(whatever) and also two of Debian linux on Virtualbox. These of two are running on CLI only. Now, two linux PCs (and my macbook) are connected well.

What I wanna do is synchronization between these two linux PCs. I installed Syncthing successfully but I cannot find out how to configure each PCs and start synchronization.

How can i make synchronization between two linux PCs (on CLI only)? Is it possible?

You can configure Sycnthing by editing the config file (~/.config/syncthing/config.xml). Easiest would be to change the WebUI to listen on, instead of, so you can access the WebGui from your Mac.

You can, of course, also use the REST Api with curl or wget, to configure syncthing without the WebUI.

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Then where do i have to write the information of another one? (It is the really first time of using syncthing…)

I would highly suggest configuring one device using the web UI, then seeing how that looks in the config and repeating it as appropriate in other places.