Syncthing cli documentation

Hi, where can I found some better documentation for syncthing cli commands?

The docummentation page only lists the basic commands, like syncthing cli config. Can I read full documentation somewhere?

I am trying to deploy syncthing on headless server and need to connect it with two other servers and share the same foder on all of them. It needs to be done on command line, I cant access web.

Or should I modify the xml config instead? That doesnt seem right to me, I would rather do it via cli commands than editing xml config directly…


Have you tried --help on the command line? Its self documenting.

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I did. All I can see is this:

But I have no idea what arguments I can use…

Oh I see, if I do syncthing cli config --help there is more info and I can continue deeper like syncthing cli config devices add --help. Thanks.


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