syncthing cli config: unable to change boolean '--options'

I’m trying to setup clients via scripting, so syncthing cli config is my friend here.

I end up on failing to disable for example --fswatcher-enabled which defaults to true when setting up a new folder:

command to reproduce:

syncthing cli config folders add --id $(mcookie) --path /tmp --label test1 --fswatcher-enabled false

whereas the last ‘false’ is wrong anyway since

syncthing cli config folders add -h

already told me, there is no value to supply :sunglasses:

So the default for --fswatcher-enabled is true, which is ok, but there is no way of changing this value via commandline option.

I do understand how to disable fswatcher-enabled afterwards (config folders $id fswatcher-enabled set ...), that’s not the point.

The question is: would it even be possible to change a bool like --option-bla-enabled false ?

btw: you are all g.r.e.a.t. :sunglasses:

cheers, Peter

--fswatcher-enabled=false should work, or afterwards using the set command on an existing folder.

[solved]. OMG, I permutated all possibilities… left out the obvious one. Well I, tried, but the error message I got was related to a duplicate ID and not about ‘expected 0 arguments’ .

thanks for the heads up.

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