Syncthing cli (command line interface) for automate add remote device and folders in terminal

Does Syncthing server have any cli (command line interface) tool for automate adding/editing/deleting remote device and folders in terminal?

I have found project that tells about cmd/stcli command, but I can’t find stcli in Syncthing package.

Is stcli available via separate package?

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The cli program is deprecated and doesn’t really work with current versions. You can use the REST API to interact with Syncthing from terminal.

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Thanks for quick reply, I have found external syncthing cli tool that can work via REST API: - I’ll try it, hope that it can solve all tasks.

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If you find a solution I would be more than happy if you could post it here since I’m investigating the same problem.

Yes this is a bit annoying. An easy way around that is to access the remote web interface using a ssh socks proxy (so no need to expose the http to the Internet).

There is no problem with organizing direct access to web interface. The main problem is that I can’t automate actions via scripts in web interface! Our company have many computers and configure folder sync via hands on each computer is too expensive.

Before I use Seafile server, and via seaf-cli I can configure all things via ssh shell and automate via scripts. But Seafile don’t support one-way sync (send only mode), so I searching alternative to Seafile with read-only sync.

You can also go down the traditional route of modifying the config file and sending a SIGHUP.

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