Syncthing clashing with Anydesk...?

Separate from another issue I’m currently having, I’ve realized that there might be a problem with the Anydesk remote control software and Syncthing. (

I recently switched to Anydesk from Teamviewer because of the latter’s constant accusation that I am using TV in a commercial environment. I’m learning to use Anydesk, but I’ve noticed that when I launch Synctrazor on my two machines to get one up to date with the other, I start having a lot of connection problems with Anydesk - I lose the connection, eventually re-connect and lose it again about 2 minutes later.

There is no issue with how Syncthing works and Anydesk isn’t preventing it from doing so - but could ST be affecting Anydesk? I’m going to write to Anydesk support letting them know about the potential clash, but I wanted to post here to ask the Syncthing team if they might download Anydesk on two machines, and see if they can investigate any potential cause from the Syncthing side? I’m not technical but I was wondering if the ports that Syncthing uses could be one explanation?

I have my two machines set up (one on port 22000 and one on port 22001) and it seems unlikely that Anydesk uses these specific ports, but I’d appreciate someone looking into it, and if there are any other Anydesk users out there, some insight if you’ve had a similar issue.

Thanks everyone!

It’s probably just not enough bandwidth on the connection to do both, so one kills the other.

Thanks for the suggestion. It could be so, because the internet connection on one side is 20MB-UL/80MB-DL but only 5MB-UL/10MB-DL on the other. Still, I would have thought that this is enough to transfer a desktop image, mouse clicks and keyboard inputs, as well as any files over Syncthing…

Is there any way to understand better how my bandwidth is being used in detail, so that I can look into your idea further?

The rates are shown in the UI, and potentially somewhere in your OS.

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