Syncthing changes photo creation date? Photos out of order in gallery apps

I’m looking inside the camera folder properties on windows and it changed the creation date of photos to recently when it was synced… This causes photos to be out of order on certain gallery apps such as googles gallery go, but oddly not in others, google photos, stock lg gallery…

Also, what’s odd is that in the android file manager the photos creation date is accurate.

is there a solution to this?

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Syncthing syncs dates, it does not modify them.

If its modified, then some other application did it.

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what do you mean some other application? all that was done was sync between original device > Pc then PC > new device. Photos are in order on old device but out of order on new device(depending on gallery app). In the PC folder, all synced photos properties show created April 18-19th, but “modified” has the correct created date.

But in the android file system, the created date is accurate.

Why are the “date created” different among windows 10 file manager and android file manager

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Hello and welcome,

my understanding is, that android does not allow low level file operations like setting the modification date.

So the Syncthing android application keeps a database mapping the original date to the android date, IIRC.

Depending on the gallery application, the creation date may be taken from the file metadata (which Syncthing CANNOT change) or from the EXIF metadata, which is typically part of photos taken with a camera/smartphone (which Syncthing DOES not change).

Last but not least, be aware of the difference of the android application and the original binary. Best mark this thread as android specific, as it will attract the right people :slight_smile:

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Syncthing only synchronises “date modified”. The “date created” will be set to the time when the file was first created on the system (e.g. during the synchronisation). There’s no difference in behaviour here when it comes to “date created” regardless of the OS.

Please check if you’re interested what information is synced specifically. If your gallery app relies on “date created” to sort pictures though, then it isn’t really going to play nicely with Syncthing.


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