syncthing causing unraid transport endpoint problem

Installed Syncthing in a docker in Unraid 12 +months ago. I have had zero problems until recently. All of a sudden I started seeing: /bin/ls: cannot access ‘user’: Transport endpoint is not connected in Unraid causing all other dockers and access to other shares to fail. The only way to fix the issue is to reboot. I know it is caused by Syncthing as the error goes away if I turn the Syncthing docker off. Within 30 minutes of turning it on, I can see the error. I have gone through every docker in this same way and the only one that causes the issue is Syncthing. I am guessing that this is related to the latest version(s) of Syncthing as this only started happening recently.

Any ideas?

Syncthing just reads and writes files. Maybe a scan, looking at all files, uncovers brokenness in the file system that you don’t see otherwise.

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