Syncthing causes "mkdir" errors with MATLAB

I have syncthing installed on a ssd drive. On this drive i have my shared folder. I do all my engineering stuff from this folder so it can be updated to my schools laptop, my PC at parents house and my main desktop i use at my house.

I have been using matlab for the last 6 months this way but all of a sudden, i get an error from matlab stating “Error using mkdir, device not ready” according to the matlab support group, this has something to do with a network drive.

my drive is not mapped or networked, but it does have syncthing on it, which is kind of like a network drive. Has anyone else experienced this behavior with syncthing?

windows 10 pro 32GB ram 12 core cpu synctrazor


Running Syncthing from or on a drive doesn’t make it a network drive nor some network-mapped device. It just is a service which reads and writes to a drive (folder(s) on a drive to be specific) while listening to some filesystem specific events. It doesn’t change the way other programs or utilities can access it.

If your drive does have enough storage space left, then I would check the drive for filesystem failures or bad sectors.

Do any other programs have issues writing to that disk?

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no other programs have this issue except matlab. I have ran desk checks to double check and all are very healthy with no bad sectors and the filesystem is healthy.

its only matlab that has this issue with drives that have syncthing. My laptop has done it a couple of times recently with a separate, physical drive for syncthing.

this has only been a recent development. The last 6 months it has not happened, maybe an update with matlab? but its odd that it is only happening on folders with synchthing

Sounds like a permissions issue… access control on Windows + NTFS can be convoluted at times, especially with external and/or networked storage.

Are Syncthing and Matlab running under the same Windows user account? Check the permissions for the folders on the SSD.


same windows account. ill check out permissions. Didnt think of that.

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