Syncthing can't connect over pptp connection

I have a three routers whith syncthing 0.14.44 on lede 17.01.4. The routers dos not connect beteween them, i try to especify the ip address, but not works. I tested the connection whit a local computer on the same subnet and it’s works, but when i try a connection over vpn, i can’t connect on a any router.

Discovery won’t work over PPTP, so you’ll have to configure remote device addresses manually.

On listen address i set “tcp4://:22000”.

On remote devices on address, i set on routers:

Server 01 - tcp4://
Server 02 - tcp4://
Server 03 - tcp4://

But isn’t work.

If you are setting addresses to routers, then it’s not PPTP, as I’d expect you to have direct access to other devices, not routers of other devices.

You’re also typoing 192.168 as 192.169. Make sure you’re not doing that in reality as well.

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