Syncthing cannot read an smb folder on Windows

I mapped a remote smb share (with username and password) to a local drive Z:\, and I would like to sync this folder to another machine.


However, the syncthing instance on my Windows cannot find this folder indicating “folder path missing” as the fig shows:


Is Syncthing running under the same user account as where you mapped the drive? Sometimes Windows hides mapped network drives when you e.g. run an application as the administrator account.

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What happens if you enable SMB v1 on the device with the shared drive?

Enabling SMBv1 is a reaaally bad advice. The analysis by @acolomb is spot on. The network mounts on Windows are tied to the user. A service account won’t be able to use it.

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It was offered as a test only, just to see if the version was the cause. The user / password would flag up a logon box and once those credentials were entered and saved, St would use those.

Maybe it’s best to see if windows is able to access the shared files before thinking it’s a St issue?

Hey guys, thanks for your reply!

I just managed to sync the samba folder by switch to the SyncTrayzor version 1.18.1. And the previous version is 1.23.0.

I believe that it may be caused by some user stuff mentioned by @acolomb, I will check it out later.

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