syncthing can read my crypted files?

hello, my dropbox files crypted with another sync application. if i mount my drive can i read them with Syncthing? i know my password. greetings.

Sorry, your request is too… cryptic for me to make sense of. Can you describe your setup in more detail and elaborate on what it is you want to achieve?

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thank you for reply, i used diffrent sync application before. it name is rclone and when i sending my files with rclone i cyrpted files. right now i want use syncthing but problem is my files already crypted. syncthing can uncrypt this files?

I don’t know what kind of encryption rclone uses, but it’s highly unlikely that it has anything to do with how Syncthing does encryption / decryption. So no, it won’t help you in this matter, sorry.

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maybe i can do something. can you teach me how syncthing crypt works?

You may be best of reading the relevant document pages regarding this subject; Untrusted (Encrypted) Devices — Syncthing documentation. At least, it looks like you’re after this.

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No, Syncthing will not understand your existing encrypted files.


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