Syncthing breaks internet access?

Recently migrated from Resilio and everything has been pretty awesome except one notable issue: certain websites will no longer load. Our working hypothesis is that something about the amount of traffic Syncthing creates on our network is causing issues.

Both and work fine, will not load, neither will

The setup is 10 devices all on one LAN. Syncing 900 GB, ~6000 files. We transfer about 50-80 GB per day. The devices are all handled by an unmanaged switch. The switch connects through a modem for internet access.

When connecting through the modem’s WIFI, all sites work fine but we have to keep the WIFI turned off due to the amount of data we are constantly moving around locally.

Any help would be appreciated! Thank you.

Open the Syncthing GUI and pause the devices there. Do the sites load now? If so, set a rate limit I guess.

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