Syncthing behind VPN

I am using a VPN server to connect to the internet. This provider offers port forwarding. I deactivated upnp in syncthing and restarted it. This are my options:

I forwaded the Port in my VPN

If I connect to the IP of my VPN:

a telnet localhost 58745 is working.

Where is my mistake?

I don’t know what that error message means, but perhaps a firewall somewhere in the path? Local to the computer?

the error message says something like “Connection to 95… No connection could be stablished with the host on port 58745: connection error” so not really much information in that except that it’s not working.

I suggest you run a test webserver on that port and make sure you can access that. Also, make sure you restart syncthing and let it past the firewall.

Sorry for the missing translation. As I wrote telnet localhost 58745 ist working fine so no issue with syncthing. Is the external port the same as the internal port?

I have no firewall -> no software firewall and the router does not play any role while connected to a vpn tunnel.

The telnet sample you have has an error, so I am not 100% the forwarding actually works. Also, did you restart syncthing after changing the listening port? Yes, the internal and external port should be the same.

Now its working! The telnet command must be executed from an outside server this was my mistake.