Syncthing as software for distribution of files in collaborative project

I would like to know if Syncthing is suited for collaborative project where content is shared among participants.

I would like to know how suited Syncthing also is if the project deals with anonymous contributors, I’m worried about vandalism and things like that with the produced content.

Syncthing cannot fulfil your anonymous contributors point. As it is a trust based P2P system (unique device ids). This is a little different from traditional P2P sharing (eg torrent).


okay, what if a node in the middle receives any anonymous contribution to the project and those contributions are receive by editors for review and afterward publishing?

Couple of thoughts here:

(1) Syncthing is based on sharing the contents of a common folder with peers. Even if you create a star network, with one node in the middle, all the devices in the network basically end up with the same folder and the same files. There are some options you can tweak, have a look at the documents.

(2) Your organization’s requirement for “anonymous contribution” is unique. We can’t guess what information you are trying to protect. Suggestion - set up a small Syncthing test network of trusted devices, and then look at your config file with a text editor. It will show you what everyone on your larger publishing network will be able to see. Decide for yourself if you can live with that data (and folder content) being widely distributed, or not.

I responded to this because my organization uses Syncthing to distribute content which is shared, reviewed and edited decentrally. We have a full mesh network. However, all the devices are trusted (pretty much), and all the device owners are aware of each other’s identity.

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