Syncthing as a web server backup tool?

Can Syncthing be used as a simple web server backup tool? Here is kind of what I want:

  • I have a CentOS based ‘web server’.
  • I have another CentOS based ‘backup server’.
  • I want to periodically (daily, weekly and monthly) copy one directory from ‘web server’ to ‘backup server’. I will basically be running a cronjob on ‘web server’ which will zip all the needed files and dump the needed databases in the said directory.
  • I only want to copy data from ‘web server’ to ‘backup server’. I dont want files deleted from ‘web server’ to be deleted from ‘backup server’ as well.

Is Syncthing something that can be used for this? Or I should look at simple rsync based solutions like rsnapshot etc?


Syncthing is continuous and bidirectional, so if your backup server deletes something, it will likely propagate the delete back, like wise if you delete something on your webserver it will delete it on the backup.

Use restic, duplicati or borg backup instead