Syncthing as a share platform (not replication)

I was wondering if Syncthing could be set up as a share platform rather than synchronisation one.

E.g. I would love to access the NAS from my mobile but the only way right now would be to replicate the NAS on the mobile which is of course not do-able. So to rephrase, could a folder be shared on the NAS for remote consultation only? e.g. everything you browse/open is fetched remotely.


This project would eventually be able to do what you want:

(keep in mind - it’s in early stage, and may be buggy)


I’m sorry but I don’t understand the answer. There’s an official client (for android as far as i can see) and it’s updated frequently:

Regardless, can I also suggest (and this is an important one!) that the clients should have an option to mimic dropbox?

I guess pretty much everybody here has or is familiar with the dropbox client but the layout of its directory structure is virtual e.g. different folders from different part of the filesystem are presented o nthe dropboxclient. Having such a option is a great step to migrate from dropbox to syncthing. On this very topic for Windows it would be great to have the Syncthing shortcut under Quick Access (to repeat myself: as dropbox does)


I think there’s two things here. One is the on demand download thing, which can be handled completely client side. Syncthing doesn’t do this, but there’s nothing fundamental that says it couldn’t. The linked new android project, on the other hand, does this by default I think.

The other is that the current architecture depends on both sides knowing what the other side has. This doesn’t scale if you want to use one central point to share files with thousands of clients.

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You can :

  1. On NAS run a script (cron or inotify) that creates/updates some “Content.txt” file at root of the shared folder.

  2. On client, create an ignore list as this:


    //!Spacer for what you want to sync



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If you are on android that is what I do.

Install tinc and use tincapp on android to access the local network. Then I use Mixplorer as my file browser which works great with network drives. It offers bookmarks, streaming from network drives etc.

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