Syncthing App for WD MyCloud EX2

Hey everybody,

first of all, I want to thank all the developers for their hard work. I found syncthing right after BTSync went to the paid subscription model and it didn’t take long to see, syncthing is a much much better piece of software.

I recently bought a WD MyCloud EX2 which flawlessly runs (Go-patched version of) syncthing. But there is always a but. All the configurations made are unfortunately lost as soon as the device reboots. As far as I know, there is no way to change this on the EX2 (there is on the regular MyCloud, I know that).

I saw that the guys over at getsync publish Apps for the EX2, EX4, and so on.

Is this something that can be done for snycthing as well? I’m not sure (and as I’m not capable of doing it myself, I probably shouldn’t simply assume), but I’d guess this souldn’t be that difficult for a programmer, as the bin file needed probably just is a container for the otherwise already working syncthing (at least the Go-Patched version, e.g.

I’d be more than great if this could be done!

Syncthings settings are in a file, hence not sure why syncthing can’t save a file on your system. Have you checked the log for clues?

I’d guess the home directory for whatever user running syncthing is on a RAM disk, probably. The app packaging probably just makes sure it starts with a -home set to something reasonable…

The firmware “system-image” is being restored every time the device reboots. Just the firmware (and apps) are able to store config files. :frowning:

Well you can probably save the config on one of the NAS disks, though you either have to ignore that folder, or make sure it’s in a place that doesn’t get synced.

As @calmh said, -home option for syncthing is what you want.

Thanks, I’ll try that! :smile:

You were right about how BTSync works. They actually put the app on a folder on the hdd itself. I did that as well with syncthing, using the -home option. Neither app nor config are being deleted during reboot.

What I can’t figure out is how they manage to let the EX2 autostart BTSync.

Everything in /etc/init.d/ is being deleted after reboot and there is no update-rc.d command.

Any ideas?

Check /etc/rc.local, /etc/rc.*, or perhaps grep -Ir 'btsync' /etc/ 2>/dev/null

That didn’t work but I noticed that all the “official” Apps are being installed in /mnt/HD/HD_a2/Nas_Prog/appname. Every app-folder has a file in it.

I simply installed the official dropbox app and modified its to also run syncthing -home … That did the trick for me.

Still, you guys should consider making an app for the WD devices :wink: