Syncthing android review for tiny/build related changes

tl;dr: Am I ok to just do minor build changes on syncthing-android without review or should I ping people?

I am already doing release related stuff (translations, dependency bumps, release itself) without review, because using another persons time on that would be simply wasteful. Now I had a small build change open for review for a while, and I feel bad pinging anyone about it - it’s really boring/trivial: build: Use gradle plugin to execute python script (fixes #1783) by imsodin · Pull Request #1795 · syncthing/syncthing-android · GitHub (new variant, thus new PR). Then again maybe someone knowing gradle can tell me that this is stupid and there’s a more elegant way.
Anyway, should I exercise my discretion to do such changes without review, or do you (@AudriusButkevicius, @calmh or any volunteers) want to have quick look at those?

I’ve been building the app for personal use for quite some time, so if you need volunteers for testing purposes, please don’t hesitate to ping me :slightly_smiling_face:. Obviously, with my limited skills it will be more about whether the particular change breaks anything or not rather than a proper review.

With this specific change, I can confirm that the script works under Windows, and I’ve now got rid of the python3 symlink that was required previously.


I certainly don’t want to review them, and anyway lack the requisite competence. Regardless I think it’s reasonable to do as you see fit in relation to the riskiness and importance of the changes.

We don’t review translation and doc updates for Syncthing proper, and I sometimes push build related changes without review as well.

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