Syncthing Android not detecting changes

Syncthing Android not detecting changes

Whenever I make a change to any file on my Android phone (in any Syncthing monitored folder), it fails to get propagated to my Win 10 PC … until I restart Syncthing-Android. It doesn’t matter whether I restart Syncthing on my Win 10 PC. It’s only when I restart Syncthing-Android.

My phone is an Honor 7x.

Before restarting Synctrhing-Android, I go to my Win 10 PC, in Syncthing, under the correct folder, it shows “Latest Change” and it actually shows the file, but if I open the folder it’s still the old one with the old date … until I restart Syncthing-Android.

Version Information

App Version: 1.3.0
Syncthing Version: v1.3.0
Android Version: Android 8.0

How do you know that the “latest change” section is showing something sensible if you modify the same file?

Does hitting “Rescan” on the (web) GUI on Android help (instead of restarting it completely)?

Actually now that I’m thinking about it, the fact that it shows the file under “Latest Change” is probably from the last time I changed it on the PC … so that’s not of any interest to us for this problem. Sorry to have confused the issue with that piece of information.

Yes, Rescan (on the web GUI) on the Android phone also causes the file to by synced to the PC.

I guess inotify simply does not work on your phone, potentially due to some vendor changes.

Best you can do is probably move back to using periodic rescans.

For interests sake, you could enable debug logging for the filesystem watcher and see if it captures anything as you create files.

Also, check the logs if there are any messages about failing to set it up.

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