Syncthing android keep alive


  • Redmi note 12 Turbo
  • MIUI 14.0.19
  • Syncthing 1.23.5


I have ignored the battery optimization for syncthing. This is what I did:

  1. Lock the app on the recent apps tray
  2. Allow autostart
  3. Choose “No restriction” in battery saver

“DontKillMyApp” shows that the app can run in background after I ignored the battery optimization

If I start syncthing and return to homepage, syncthing can run properly.

If I drag syncthing off the recent apps list, the syncthing notification in notifications shade disappear and appear after a few seconds, but it will no longer be able to connect to other devices.

I’m not an expert of non-standard oems, but the app being killed by the os because it hasn’t been used for a while and holds a lot of stuff in ram is very different from “I, as a user chose to close the application”.

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