Syncthing-Android - Improve UI to show why syncthing is not running

Hi together,

I am currently implementing a solution to the issue where users complained about the “Syncthing is disabled” popup dialog not being very informative why syncthing is not running.

I’ve already made a Work-In-Progress PR showing screenshots of my work to ease understanding what the intention of improvement is ( ).

The main disadvantages users found in the current release and earlier versions of the app are:

  • When syncthing stops, a modal popup dialog covers the UI partially and only allows access to change preferences (to make it running again) or exit the app.
  • The information shown “under” the popup dialog about folders, syncthing state, syncing state, etc. is outdated and therefore confusing.
  • The user cannot expand the drawer on the left side which makes them “subjectively” feel helpless as it’s the main action menu of the app.
  • If the user has still expanded the drawer (but not yet clicked an option) and syncthing (binary) stops, the user can invoke actions from the still-open menu and as syncthing REST API is unavailable may end up in crashes.

To get the situation better, I’ve added a “STATUS” tab on the main UI which will then be used to show if and why syncthing is running. The popup dialog will no longer be there. The drawer can now be expanded at any time, if syncthing is stopped some actions are hidden and statistics (RAM usage, download KB/s, etc.) are hidden too until it’s up and running again.

@AudriusButkevicius @imsodin I’d like your feedback on this. If you feel okay with it, I’ll finish the work on this and implement the “STATUS” tab showing the run-reason which is the last thing missing to complete it.

Kind regards Catfriend1

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Seems sensible to me.

@imsodin @Martchus Would you like to try the debug build from the linked PR and give feedback?


Debug Build:

Fresh screenshots: Screenshots: a) Main UI - Syncthing is running - a new tab “Status” has been added, the button top right leads to the options.




b) Main UI - Syncthing is not running - tabs “folders” and “devices” previously showed outdated information, they are hidden now



c) Drawer - Syncthing is running - Menu is shown as “before this PR” - no changes

d) Drawer - Syncthing is not running - the drawer can now be opened but runtime stats and some action buttons are not available (as they only apply if syncthing was running)

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I could have a look. However, downloading the APK requires login credentials I don’t have. After the 2nd attempt, it seems I can login as guest.

New debug build; PR is still in review.