[syncthing-android] Framework for handling shared files

I am implementing an intent-filter to allow apps to send files to Syncthing via the standard Android “share” menu. For example, you can share an image in the Gallery and send it to Syncthing. I want to discuss the best framework for how to handle this. Here is my initial simple idea:

Add a new activity (ShareActivity). When a user shares a file or files, the ShareActivity gets a list of available repos and presents them to the user (similar to ReposFragment). When the user selects a repo, the disk location of the repo is determined and the shared files are copied to that folder.

I suppose people might also want to choose a certain subfolder in a repository?

Good point. Users should definitely be able to select a subfolder.

I was having the same idea to use the Share feature of Android. This would be a nice addon for the application.

Have you started some implementation of this feature ?

I am looking to setup a development environment, I am up to help in this feature.

Someone started to implement this here:

But apparently he isn’t continuing to develop it, s your help is definitely welcome! If you have any questions, feel free to ask here or on irc :wink: