syncthing android cloud folder


I’m trying to sync on android using an encrypted rclone folder (via rcx app) which points to google drive.

Syncthing refuses to let me use a cloud folder, and tells me to only use a local folder.

Is there a way around this please, as I don’t want to keep all the files on my phone?

If not, could this feature please be considered as it would be useful to many.


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You can utilise ignore patterns to sync files on demand but the user experience isn’t the greatest, especially on a touch screen device, as you need to modify the patterns by hand.

Alternatively, there is which isn’t maintained anymore but may still work for you.

I also use rclone on my cell. How are you getting rclone to be recognized as a drive in the local File Explorer?

I downloaded an app from the Android store called files and it has the ability to see the rclone cloud drive.

I have both RCX and Round Sync too. It is a fork of rcx that is a bit newer.

It probably works on Windows Linux and Mac with rclone. I haven’t tried that yet but I am curious and having it available on Android would be spectacular.

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