Syncthing-Android: Build ends up with 0.13-beta?

Hi guys,

I’ve not built syncthing-android from source for quite some time now. Today, for a bug-fix, I did that and accidentally ended up with a 0.13-beta build of syncthing, which of course broke connectivity to my 0.12-network.

Poking around the various bash-scripts that make up the native-part of the Android build, I noticed that it seems to end up with checking out master. Or at least I cannot find the part where it’s checking out the 0.12-tag as specified in latest release-notes on Github. And the RESET=1 in make-syncthing.bash causes every manual checkout of a Syncthing tag to be reset back to the 0.13-beta tag.

Is this currently intended behavior / how are the proposed steps to build a 0.12-version of syncthing-android for now? I achieved it by patching make-syncthing.bash and manually checking out the v0.12.22 tag in the submodule. Is this the way to go?

Best regards, capi

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@Zillode found the problem here. Looks like I accidently updated Syncthing to v0.13. I don’t know how that happened.

Luckily, we haven’t made a new release since, so it didn’t affect any users. You should be fine after a pull and new native build.

Thanks a lot for finding this, it would have been a lot of trouble if this got into a release prematurely.

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