Syncthing-Android 0.7.5-beta1 - Now with DNS support!

Thanks to @Zillode, we finally have working DNS in the Android app! Unfortunately, the new build process is really slow for clean builds, so we’re still waiting for a proper fix in golang. @FlashSystems implemented support for the events API, so that received files show up in other apps immediately.

Full changelog:

- added DNS support (@Zillode)
- run media scanner after receiving file changes (@FlashSystems)
- apply wifi only/charging only settings immediately (@capi)
- fixed crash if all discovery methods are disabled (@brianhlin)
- changed back button to close drawer (@nutomic)
- fixed crash after pressing the menu key (@nutomic)
- improved key export warning text (@capi)
- imported translations


Google Play F-Droid


@Zillode: I just installed the beta from F-Droid, and it’s missing the lib folder (so not working at all).

Got it from google some minutes ago and it seems to work :slight_smile: relays 1/1 and discovery 5/8 (no IPv6) and the setting was automatically changed to “default”

Updated to the beta version from Google Play this morning. DNS is working :smile:.

This is because the buildNative task needs to be invoked explicitly now. I’ll update the F-Droid metadata but we’ll need a new tag. See

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