Syncthing-Android 0.5.0 released

Almost forgot posting this here :smiley:

This is the biggest release so far, and brings some big changes. I refactored lots of code, added unit tests and added some missing preferences.

But most importantly, it there are now settings to sync only when charging or connected to wifi.

You can download it on F-Droid or Google Play.


Awesome! Thank you for your work!

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There is a problem with adding folders using the native gui. While adding a folder nothing happens when I hit the “create” button. Adding folders with the “web gui” works.

edit: The added folder is visible in the web gui and it syncs; the native gui does not show anything.

Both bugs in the GUI-Version:

  • when adding a Node and switching between landscape mode and normal mode (rotating my phone) all the inputs are wiped
  • The folder-picker cannot select my sd-card. I’m stuck at internal memory
  • Right, would you mind to open an issue for that?
  • See #29

Looking forward to playing with it; thanks, man :slight_smile:

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Sorry I missed your post. Looks like some JSON key is wrong from the renaming to folders/devices. I’ll fix it for the next release.

For the future, I’d prefer if bugs were posted to Github, it’s just easier to see there :wink:

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Oh, I absolutely agree with github, sorry. :slight_smile:

Any idea why I keep seeing these on my MACBook while its syncing with my android phone? Lots of similar ones…

13:54:24: puller: final: hash mismatch fa43239bcee7b97ca62f007cc68487560a39e19f74f3dde7486db3f98df8e471 != cde04392016480f87d7c750ecc2e0f61102b6447b82f4329a3bfd01665eba4d8 for block 0

I have no idea, @calmh @AudriusButkevicius?

This seems a general failure to transfer a file. Is there any more error output? I guess it should correct itself after some time.

Yes, after a refresh of my browser, the error is gone and when syncing finishes all is in sync so its not a problem, was just wondering why those errors are even happening…