Syncthing and windows deduplication

I’m using syncthing between 2 win2012r2 servers, and they both have deduplication activated on the synced folders. The synced folder is a copy of an existing folder, so it deduplicates really well.

But Syncthing only shows the folder to have around 16k items out of 50k, and size is 160MB vs. 90GB. The destination server only gets this data, so it seems Syncthing is ignoring the deduplicated files.

I did a 7zip store of the dir, and it gets the full 90GB. Tried resetting it several times, and using and not using \?\. Seems like a bug right?

it’s this issue. I guess you’ll have to wait for the go developers to fix it.

I searched for hours yesterday, without finding that. Thanks, so it’s not just me :smile: