Syncthing and torrent filtering

My organization is planning to use content filtering to prevent users from using p2p apps. I use Resillio Sync to share work files on my organizations internal network. I was told that the content filtering will block all torrents including Resillio Sync. Will Syncthing also be blocked? Or, is it a possible alternative? I’ve read that Syncthing encrypts data. Will Syncthing’s encryption prevent it from being flagged as a torrent?

Syncthing does not use the BitTorrent protocol in any shape or form, so you should be fine.

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As an addition to Jakob’s answer: it very much depends how the filtering is implemented in your company. While Syncthing’s protocol does not resemble anything like torrent, it also doesn’t resemble anything the content filter will know (most probably). It depends on your companies policy if they allow everything except torrent, or if they whitelist stuff.

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