syncthing and torrent client conflict?

I have a machine running syncthing and a torrent client at the same time, and they seem to interfere with each other when running; syncthing seems unable to make consistent connections and sync data with other machines when my torrent client is running.

Is this simply a bandwidth issue, or is syncthing genuinely unable to work correctly while another bittorrent-based program is running? It seems more like the latter based on my tests. Thanks.

Are they possibly trying to run on the same ports? Logs from Syncthing might also be helpful.

Torrent and Syncthing uses different protocols. Usually TCP has QOS and routers do fair scheduling of every connection, so nobody gets starved. UDP on the other case is a stateless protocol, so I suspect it just floods the network and there is not much bandwidth left for anything else. There is nothing we can do here, as we are not in charge of how the bandwidth gets distributed. I suggest you rate limit your torrent client.

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