Syncthing and shared directories (symlinks, bindings)


I’m running Syncthing and Nextcloud in Docker containers on my CasaOS server, and I’m trying to share a large Movies directory between them without duplicating the data. Initially, I attempted to use a symbolic link from /mnt/Data/Syncthing/Movies to /mnt/Data/shared/Movies, but Syncthing requires the ability to create directories and files within /mnt/Data/Syncthing/Movies, which is not possible with a symbolic link.

To address this, I created a bind mount from /mnt/Data/shared/Movies to /mnt/Data/Syncthing/Movies. This setup allows Syncthing to manage files within /mnt/Data/Syncthing/Movies, while ensuring these files are also accessible by Nextcloud through the shared directory. This effectively avoids data duplication and ensures that changes made to the Movies directory in either service are reflected across both.

Is my approach valid? Have anyone had similar issue and is willing to share how they solved it?

Sounds ok to me. Multiple types sync software might step on each others toes, but that is not part of the question.

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