Syncthing and NFS home directories


I have syncthing setup on a number of machines, a few of which share a NFS mounted home directory. However, in order to avoid filling my NFS home (which has limited quota) with things which are already shared via syncthing, my ~/Sync folder is a symlink to a directory on the local machine.

First snag I hit was that syncthing on one NFS client refused to start since the config files and index under ~/.config/syncthing includes some lock file or such to prevent multiple instances of syncthing from running concurrently.

However, even shutting down all other syncthing instances on the NFS clients doesn’t work, because syncthing then stops synchronizing the folder with a “folder marker missing”, presumably because the index and the actual folder are inconsistent.

Any recommendations how to handle this kind of situation?

The database in ~/.config/syncthing is tightly coupled to the actual files being synced. You can’t, for example, have ~/.config be on some NFS share and use it with multiple Syncthing instances unless the files you are syncing are also on that NFS share or otherwise guaranteed to be identical for all your instances. And I don’t know how well the locking and stuff works over NFS.

In principle this just means that the ~/Sync/.stfolder marker is missing, but if it’s a symptom of “~/Sync” not being the expected thing on some given machine, see above. :slight_smile:

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With the additional requirement that only one instance may be running at the same time.

You should probably use the -home flag to specify a local directory for each client’s Syncthing config.

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Thanks for the quick replies. --home seems to do the trick.

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