Syncthing and NetGuard - Discover

Hi all,

I’m trying to sync a few files from a Android device and a Linux device. Now here comes my special(?) part: The Android device has NetGuard running. As long as the Android is in the Wifi syncing works flawlessly but I can not make Syncthing work with mobile data /and/ NetGuard active.

As soon as the Wifi is turned off, Syncthing loses the connection and the devices seem to be not able discover each other anymore, no matter what settings I use in Syncthing/NetGuard. The only way to get the connection back is to disable NetGuard globally or get back into Wifi.

As to my understanding I have disabled any filtering for Syncthing in NetGuard and I do not see any indication in NetGuards logs that there is something blocked, though I have so far not taken a deep dive into the traffic logs.

I was wondering if someone else made this combination work?

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