Syncthing and NAS


First of all thanks for a great piece of software.

I am using Syncthing to backup files between 3 PC’s. Now I will be investing in a NAS and I wish to continue using Syncthing with the NAS. I am interested in continuing to use Syncthing with the NAS specifically because it can used between different OS’s (Windows XP and 10).

Has Syncthing been ported to NAS? If so which NAS it has been ported to as this will help me in my decision.

Thanks for any help beforehand,


NAS is just a computer, like any other computer, probably running linux or freebsd, so I don’t think it matters. The platforms supported are listed on the home page.

I do not recommend a Western Digital NAS (e.g. MyCloud), because they use a different pagesize system and the standard binaries aren’t working, so Syncthing needs to be compiled in a special way, what is very tricky.

Syncthing works on most Synology NASes. And on others, but I only used it on Synology so far.

Works very well on pretty much any version of QNAP

you could try FreeNAS

I’ve created my own NAS using an old laptop with a 4 disk enclosure (JBOD) connected to it. The laptop is running Debian and Syncthing works on it like a charm.

How you create it? will you please share the detail over here.

I’d be happy to James - give me a couple of days to put my ‘thoughts’ together.
At a high level it’s simply an old Laptop running Debian (Testing) with an attached 4 Disk JBOD enclosure. I use syncthing to keep the folders in sync and also run openssh to enable other pc’s / laptops accessing the disks. I plan on it working as a DLNA server too. As Audrius mentioned above, it’s just another computer.

If someone wants to have good integration with the GUI used to manage NAS it matters a lot because although these devices run Linux or BSD they usually have their own framework for writing, distributing and installing extensions. See for example, and Having said this I suspect that going the NAS is just a computer route is the best long term approach as you are not constrained with above mentioned frameworks and you can leverage your knowledge of common tools.