Syncthing also opens port 22000/UDP when that port on TCP is open?

I have opened a Syncthing node behind a NAT to the internet following the docs. As I have UPnP disabled, I have opened 22000/TCP and 21027/UDP ports on my router pointing to that device. However I also see that other nodes are connected to that node through quic://external_ip:22000. That would be 22000/UDP (which is not open in my router config) instead of TCP since quic uses UDP. Is Syncthing punching a hole through the NAT by using RELATED packets?

nmap reports the port as open|filtered, which means that the port is giving back no response.

Port 21027/UDP is used for local discovery only, there is normally no need to open this port on a router (the docs only mention this port when talking about local firewalls).

In the past, Syncthing only used 22000/TCP for incoming connections, but recent versions have added the IETF QUIC protocol, which uses UDP. I guess the firewall guide is slightly outdated and doesn’t mention that.

Yes, syncthing does perform UDP hole punching and will probably do the same with TCP in future versions.

Opening a port in a firewall is a generally recommended step, because it reduces the number of issues further down the road. But in many cases, syncthing will work perfectly fine without port forwards/(semi-)closed firewalls.

As described, the port speaks QUIC and probably doesn’t respond to packets which are not QUIC. QUIC is a very recent protocol and most port scanners probably don’t speak it (yet).

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It uses both tcp and udp (for quic), the docs are just outdated and don’t mention it.