Syncthing adds 11Gb to System on Pixel 7a

I took screenshots of my Pixel 7a Storage before and after syncing the contents of my DCIM folder to my Windows 10 PC. The only change of any note showing between the two screenshots is a jump from 22GB to 33GB in the System of Settings/Storage. Any ideas why this could happen, please? Should I report this as a bug?

After reading about .tmp files left around for 24 hours I’m waiting to see if this reduces tomorrow.

Have you only synced files from the phone to the PC? If yes, then there should be zero temporary files on the phone, i.e. they should only exist on the PC, and even then, they only remain there while the download is in progress (or up to 24 hours by default if the download has been interrupted). I suspect the problem is caused by something else.

Thanks, Tomasz86, but it did reduce after all.

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