Syncthing access to different volume on Synology?


I am new to the community and looking for some assistance using Syncthing via Docker on my Synology.

Currently I have folders on my local pc that I would like to keep in sync with folders on my Synology NAS.

I have installed the Syncthing via Docker on my Synology as well as SyncTrayzor on my PC and both seem to be working.

I can currently sync folders from my PC to the root install folder of my Synology - syncthing - docker folder however I am looking to sync files to a different shared folder located on a different volume.



I am sure there is an easy fix however I am still learning about Syncthing and I would really appreciate a nudge in the right direction.

Based on the error message, Syncthing is trying to create the folder ‘volume2’ in /, but lacks permissions to do so - quite clear in that area. But given how Docker works, you may need to map the correct volume, volume2?, so that the volume become usable inside docker and aim Syncthing to that location.

Did you set this up?

I placed the container within the volume2 in which I would like Docker to have access too.


I went through and ripped out the container and started fresh.

When pulling the image from the Docker registry and following the initial setup. I had to give access to the shared folder “Storage” which is on Volume2, then I set the mount path to /storage.

Now when syncing with syncthing, I set the folders to sync to /storage/name_for_the_folder

All is working now!

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