syncthing 1.2.1 on DNS-323 nas with alt f 1.0


I have an Dlink DNS-323 NAS running alt-f 1.0 frimware. From the package installer I installed the 0.13.9 version of syncthing which unfortunately not worked on the nevest android version of syncthing. When updated it to the latest version, the website GUI wasn’t available. I tried to ssh the box and using the program through command line, but it seems to be not working properly…e.g. the device id is missing,GUI not working, error messages, missing folders.

What sould i do? thanks in advance

Uninstall, remove $HOME/.config/syncthing and reinstall latest version perhaps? Seems like it’s an issue related to your device rather than syncthing. Did you check CPU usage on the device?

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