Syncthing 1.18.0 Only Syncing One Device

We are using Syncthing 1.18.0 on a Windows server to sync 11 folders to several Macs using the same version. Of the 9 macs currently connected, 4 say Up to Date and the remaining 5 say Syncing, but only 1 of those 5 are actively downloading data. The others have several gigs left to download and just aren’t doing it. Is this normal behavior? Is there some setting we can adjust to allow multiple things to download at once?

It doesn’t sound normal to me. Can you post screenshots of the Syncthing’s Web GUI from all the devices that have those problems?

Thanks for the reply. I generally don’t have easy access to any of the Macs, just the server, but I spoke with a couple of the users and there were many things contributing to what I was seeing on the server:

  1. One user had an ignored folder and I could not get the server to say “Up to Date” until we un-ignored it. Is that expected? One would think that if it’s marked as ignored then it shouldn’t factor into the overall status? I think there are at least two other instances of this as well.

  2. Another user did not have their USB drive plugged in, and that is where the folders are configured to sync to. Is there a way I could have determined this from the server? Some log somewhere?

  3. Another user was successfully syncing everything except for a bunch of files with an extension of .DS_STORE. I’ve added that to the Ignore Patterns setting of every folder but many devices are still showing those files in the Out of Sync Items list. Perhaps it just takes a while to update across the board?

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