Syncthing 1.17.0 Not Syncing

We have Syncthing 1.17.0 installed on a Windows server and several Macs to sync 11 folders totaling 2.75TB. In the web interface on the server, all of the folders say Up To Date, but in the Remote Devices section, none of the Macs are 100% synced: some have a couple hundred MB left to sync and some have 100-800GB left to sync and none of them are progressing whatsoever. We’ve tried restarting the server component and the Macs to no avail and nothing stands out in the logs. If anyone can suggest something to try or somewhere to look, I’d appreciate it.

Do you have configured any ignore patterns in Syncthing?

Not patterns, no. There are some ignored folders, and there are log entries saying they’re being skipped, but that’s expected and those aren’t the folders that are failing to sync.

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