syncspirit v0.3.0 release!

I’m glad to announce v0.3.0 release!

The major feature of the new release is the implementation of complete file synchronization, i.e., the ability to send and receive files. To identify local changes, a periodical folder full scan is performed.

You can download ready-to-use binaries for Linux and Windows as well as the source code.

Syncspirit is a syncthing-compatible synchronization program that implements BEP-protocol. Syncspirit is a syncthing-compatible is written from the scratch software, which had different technical decisions on its foundation to overcome syncthing limitations. Syncspirit is available for Windows and Linux. Currently, Syncspirit is targeted at power users and early adopters who feel comfortable with command lines.

Any feedback is welcome!

WBR, basiliscos.


Hi, congrats on that! Could you clarify what limitations of SyncThing are you talking about?

the long-term goal is to implement “selective sync”, in short-term is to write more “desktop-ish” application.

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And by “selective sync”, do you mean that one can choose files to sync instead of (always) syncing the whole folder, or something else?

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Yes, it is.

Also, as it is completely independent protocol implementation, there might be also different UI or features; e.g. recently I was asked to make the syncspirit windows xp build, and I’ve managed to do. With syncthing it is no longer possible, as platforms support is dictated by google.


It’s too bad your selective sync effort couldn’t be applied to the core syncthing application as there is a lot of demand for it and enabling its use across all platforms would really be great.