Syncronization by approve


Syncthing is great tool for synchronization, and I would like to use it for synchronize archives of old data between 2-3-4 “almost master” nodes. “Almost master” means that all these nodes are equals and contain important data that modified rarely(once per month mostly add new data), but shouldn’t be modified “by mistake”. The main goal is control changes and prevent any mistakes like “oh, I accidentally removed half of archive and detected it year later when old versions were removed”. Probably, solution could be to have some UI where syncthing will display files for receive, then user on each node should approve each file from this list for synchronization. It will work as “master” but will allow to update files manually. Or, probably there are some other solution that I can use. Does somebody have any idea how to do it ?

Currently I don’t think there’s a way to do that using Syncthing…

I think this is also not the purpose of a synchronisation tool. Your use-case hits a more advanced backup strategy, and why do you want to have human intervention of check by hand? Maybe you should have a look at BTRFS filesystem snapshotting if you run linux.

What your describing is a process where approval is required before items are deleted. You could do this to some extent by keeping 1 version and then going through the .stversions folder on a regular basis and checking what has been changed.

In reality the approval process should be undertaken before the files are deleted. If you are worried about accidental deletes you need a system to do backups which is not synchronization.