syncronisation incomplete from untrusted device


I tried to sync a folder from trusted device 1 to an untrusted device without errors (only one file) .

device 1 --file1--> untrusted // OK

Now I added a new trusted device 2, the sync seems fine (only one file).

device 2 <--file1-- untrusted // OK

Then I added a few new files on the trusted device 2, they are synced to the untrusted device, but not all of them to the trusted device 1.

device 2 --file2--> untrusted // OK
device 2 --file3--> untrusted // OK
device 2 --file4--> untrusted // OK

Only one new file is synced to device 1, syncthing on this device says “Up tp date” on folder and untrusted device

The untrusted device has device 1 listed as syncing 40%, out of sync 2 items. Not making progress …

device 1 <--file2--> untrusted // OK
device 1 <--file3-- untrusted // not working
device 1 <--file4-- untrusted // not working

I tried to restart both instances.

In the logs are no errors, what could be the problem?

All devices are using syncthing v1.18.2.

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Seems to be the same problem:

syncthing -reset-deltas fixed it

How can I do this reset on an android device? I noticed a similar problem on an android syncthing v1.18.1 client. Global state is missing 35 items.

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