syncing with wild cards

Good day to one and all.

I am just starting with syncthing and it is working like a charm :slight_smile:

My question is if this is possible and if it is, what is the correct configuration on the shared folder. I have 1 master and 9 slaves. I have a multitude of users. I want to know if I can share a folder from the master.

I would like to share /home/*/company/ would that be the right way of sharing the folders?

Thank you in advance.

Your question is very vague and I don’t now specifically what you are asking. May I ask that you first read Getting Started — Syncthing documentation , then do some experiments and after that follow up with specific questions?

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Martin, Thank you for your guidance. I will take a look and see if this is possible.

I am sorry, only now did I understand what you meant. Combining your text with the title of this thread (“syncing with wild cards”) brings clarification to what you want.

Sorry, it is not possible to do what you want.

If I’m guessing correctly you want to use one command with a wild card to synchronize that one folder from the master to all nine slaves without having to share that folder out to each of the individual nine slaves one at a time?

There are no slaves with Syncthing; every device is emancipated.


I suppose if you have one big server that one-way syncs to several others that might be thought of as master-slave. The master server can have r/w access for admins, and every other server is read only (For the users). So, if you only synchronize in one direction I could understand how it could be thought of as a master slave scenario.

No idea what this person is actually doing because it wasn’t explained with enough detail.

I was trying to point out, in a light hearted manner, that we don’t use that terminology here. The concepts are receive-only, send-only.


MY apologies about the terminology.

My goal is that I have 1 server as a send only and 9 servers as receive only, I have the following. /home/customer(1-87)/config/xxxx.cfg on the servers. I want to use syncthing to make the changes to the receive only servers. If I change /home/customer25/config/xxxx.cfg on the send only - to sync to the other 9 receive only servers. Can I define a path as /home/*/config/xxxx.cfg or will I need to make 87 paths as /home/customer1/config/xxxx.cfg, /home/customer2/config/xxxx.cfg etc.

As far as I’m aware of, there’s no globbing in the folder path field so you’ll need to configure 87 Syncthing folders, or alternatively, use /home as the folder path combined with some ignore patterns to sync only /home/*/config/xxxx.cfg.

On the receive-only servers, Syncthing must run with enough privileges to modify /home/*/config/xxxx.cfg. It’s all doable without running Syncthing as root, it’ll just take some extra care to set up.

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