Syncing with a subnet on home LAN

My home set up is a bit different - I’ve a media subnet consisting of a two computers behind a router(Netgear Wgr614v9 - DHCP enabled) connected to my network via a TL-WR702N nano router in client mode. The router forwards the listening and the webgui listen port(UDP/TCP is enabled), the latter works and I can connect to the subnet’s syncthing. Global and local discovery are enabled and both see the global servers. My issue is that I can’t get a connection between computers. If I put the on the same subnet, they connect and sync.

Any suggestions/tip on how to debug syncthing to work out what is/isnt happening



AFAIK local discovery can’t work through routers. Global discovery won’t work with UPnP for the node inside the subnet as the UPnP would only register in the subnet router, not your internet router. You should set the port to e.g. 22001 and forward that port in your main router and the router for the subnet.

For your local connection problem: It should work if you enter the IP of the subnet router and the port, which is forwarded, in the device address. If the router IP is e.g. and the port is 22001 you should enter,dynamic.

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So, am I right that you have two LANs (i. e. broadcast domains) connected with a router. So, hosts from both networks can connect with each other but they not get broadcasts from hosts from other LAN. In this case local discosrv (in one of your LANs) should help.

That nailed the problem - I didn’t know I could statically apply addresses - Thanks

Discosrv would be a good solution but seems a little overkill for a home network consisting of relatively static IP and about 4 computers

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