Syncing Windows10 to 2 linux machines

So the Windows machine is the 3rd of 3 machines I’m setting up. The first 2 (linux mint) went flawlessly, creating a Sync folder in my home directory. Windows put one is a Syncthing subdirectory with this path: C:\Users\SyncthingServiceAcct\xkp2e-mpwrr.

I don’t think I can sync all three if they have different folder names, correct? Do I need to rename the Windows folder, move it, both, neither?

Thanks in advance!

They all need to have the same folder ID. Regardless of the folder name on disk or the label that you’ve configured for it.

The latter (label) can be changed anytime. The ID and path need to be specified correctly when creating the folder in Syncthing. You can share from another device to get an invitation with the correct folder ID pre-filled. Then it’s only a matter of pointing to the path you want to sync.

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Thank you for the reply. I’m looking at the syncthing web page (:8384), and I don’t see anywhere “folder ID” listed. I see folder path, folder type, and “folder”. Is the one at the top called “folder” the folder ID?

When you click on the folder, it expands and shows the folder ID in the second row.

Maybe have a look at An Intro to the GUI — Syncthing documentation to get acquainted with the process.

I will look at the docs, thanks. When I click on the folder, this is what I see:

Oh, so you didn’t enter a label for it. In that case it’s in fact the folder ID showing in the header.

Hello, I’m setting up Syncthing on three machines. The Linux Mint ones synced to a folder in my home directory, but on Windows, the folder is C:\Users\SyncthingServiceAcct\xkp2e-mpwrr.

Do I need to rename or move the Windows folder to match the others for proper syncing?

That’s my question exactly. Still puzzled about what to do next to get my Windows10 syncing with the 2 linux machines. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Could you also post a screenshot from “bob-ThinkPad-T450” (with the folder panel expanded)?

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