Syncing while Mac is Sleeping

Is there a way to allow synching on OS X while the computer is asleep (lid is closed on a macbook) and connected to a power source?

I know apple has something called power nap for allowing apps developed through Xcode to preform certain functions such as updates while the computer is sleeping but I’m assuming that synching can’t/isn’t taking advantage of them?

It there a way to do this?

Not that I know of. The capability may be available to non-Apple things (I’m not sure about that), but if so we don’t use it.

Power nap I think is something else. It suspends applications while they are not the top most window.

Actually Power Nap on OS X allows it to perform Time Machine backups, software updates, receive mail, and much more while sleeping. Read more:

Quite nice indeed, but I have no idea if it support 3. party applications.

I’ve checked and as of yet Apple unfortunately hasn’t released any Power Nap API to the public. It would be a nice feature to have though… I guess I’ll have to wait.

The NoSleep extension for Mac solves this perfectly. I use it to run syncthing (and some other stuff) on an old MacBook which is powered, closed, and on the shelf.