Syncing via daisy-chain

Hello – I’m new to Syncthing, moving from Resilio, and have what is likely a beginners question.

Suppose I have several computers A, B, C etc, and for a particular folder I sync A with B, and B with C, etc. Will computer A still sync with C, and if so directly or via a daisy-chain through B (in which case B needs to be turned on)? If it is through a daisy-chain I presume it would be slower?

The issue came up as I have a cluster of several computers, all syncing, and a colleague who needs to share one folder. Presumably we only need to set up the sync between his computer and one or two in the cluster?

More generally, if there is a large cluster of many (N) computers, do they all need to be set up to sync with all the others to get optimal performance, and if that is the case is there a way to set up that syncing without going through a very large number of manual syncing operations?


It will sync via B and B needs to be on, and it will be slower (in terms of wall time mostly, potentially speed depending on the network topology).

To avoid that, just connect A with C.

There is some per device overhead, so depending on the size, everyone talking to everyone might not be optimal, so you might want to have a few dedicated always on hubs that talk to each other and some subset of clients (or whatever other inventive way you come up with).


Thanks. The other part of my question, about syncing lots of machines, is also addressed in the FAQ, in “Why is the setup more complicated than BitTorrent/Resilio Sync?”

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