Syncing two folders on the same device


is there a way to sync two folders on the same device? I want to sync two mounted devices and have no chance to install Syncthing on another device.



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Yes, you just need to run two separate instances with separate home folders. This is not the recommended way though, and there are probably other, more lightweight and/or efficient tools for local synchronisation.

I personally have been using Syncthing like that with no issues though.

To install several instances needs some experience in the related OS and Syncthing. First, is good to read the documentation, all about that tool and follow below

To run several instances to have more than one connection to a node needs attention, since for example, deleting one of these connections may cause a malfunction in the other connections, which are related to another device. This can be remedied by disconnecting and reconnecting.

That all needs special knowledge, skilled handling of the console, the related OS and to know to handle the home folders. If you are new to Syncthing, you should be very sensitive to these things and experiments and also know where which installation files and user data are stored. If you want to try that, you should first make a backup of your system and data and create a test environment until you can safely use it.

If several instances are installed, the port settings are also important, so that there are no mutual obstructions and unnecessary disadvantages in performance. I use also several instances for similar cases and the ports are assigned accordingly

Instance 1: Discovery 22000, Announce 21027, GUI 8384, [ff12::8384]:21027
Instance 2: Discovery 22001, Announce 21028, GUI 8385, [ff12::8385]:21028
Instance 3: Discovery 22002, Announce 21029, GUI 8386, [ff12::8386]:21029